Here at HCS ERRANDS we are friendly, reliable and fully registered. Professional, reliable and trust are our core value.

Data Entry

Data entry jobs for all your raw data to a database, excel or Word

Shopping and Delivery

Shopping and delivery of all your products and services.

Delivery Services

Fast delivery of urgent letters, small packages and parcels

About Us

This is what we are.

HCS ERRANDS is a delivery company based in Nairobi that is meant to take care of all your Shopping,Data entry and Delivery services.We governed by our core values inorder to satisfy our clients needs.

Our Core Values.


Do you have an errand that needs to be done with confidentiality? No matter if you’re planning a surprise birthday party, need someone to shop for your anniversary gift, or need to plan a surprise vacation for a loved one. You can always trust us to keep your confidence in every situation. That’s our personal guarantee to all of our clients..


Do you have an errand that needs to be done with confidentiality? No matter what, we offer a variety of concierge services for almost every situation and individual. It doesn’t matter if you’re a business person, parent, and student or into your retirement..


You can rely on us at anytime to come to your rescue since we are always available to come at your doorstep and take care of your needs.


We at HCS Errands will always deliver our promises at the correct place and time.

Meet The Team.

Laura Mumbi
Human Resource Manager
George G Kamau


What our clients are saying.

Christine Atindi

"I wasn't feeling well so i called upon HCS ERRANDS to purchase my prescribed medicine and some shopping.They responded fast and delivered what i had ordered immediately.I would recomend them to anyone for fast deliveries" .

Kip McGrath

"I wanted my brand out by using fliers.HCS ERRANDS distributed the fliers out for me at the desired stations and points at a minimal cost".

Don't let your mundane time-consuming errands get you down, instead hand over your "to-do" list and consider it done! No errand too ordinary, no errand too extraordinary, we can do them all!

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